Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Last Nugget of Fun at the Litterbox

This past Sunday we had the honor of playing the last show at The Litterbox, formerly known as Courtlandt Land. As mentioned earlier, we played our first show here last year so it was great to come in some sort of full-circle fashion and play the place we started out. I guess it's not full-circle because it wasn't our last show, unless I blow up or something before Saturday's show. Thanks to all the friends who came out, everyone that watched, and participated in this delectably fun, yet very very sad day in of local DIY-ness.

Thanks also to The Timid Roosevelts for driving up from Bordentown to play. My friend Cory was able to recommend them for the show and they were really fucking great, and super nice people too. Stefan and Old Snake shared yelps and drummers, and it was so ugly and beautiful. Jalopy struck the last ever chord in the basement, although not one you'll find in a "Learning Guitar for Dummies" book, so they were even better than the first time I saw them. And hats off to Period Girls, who opened the show with a 9 minute set of distorted garage punk, and expressed precisely why they don't want to go to rodeos with specific people.

Kelli and Kate of Litterbox fame have just moved in with the Mattress boys over at Meat Town. Fantastic. More Period Girls shows to come!

Finally, we're playing at The Court Tavern this Saturday. We go on at 9:30. Doors are at 9. Hope to see you there. Yes, you too.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you got a good shot of the butt.


I hope it made it to Meattown.