Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Shit's all good.

Hey y'all. So just a quick update on what's going on this weekend.

First up, we have the Dude Japan CD release show being put on by Mike of Rok Lok Records (and Dude Japan) @ Mr. Beery's in Bethpage, NY. Show is at 9 PM and I believe it's 21+.

Next up, we have a bit of sad news to report. Well, we didn't break this story. But it's going to be the LAST Rapid Cities show EVER @ the Court Tavern in New Brunswick, NJ on Saturday & we have the fortune of playing. After 4 + years, the boys are packing it in, and also putting out their last release, a rarities and demos cassette called "Peripheries." Also, Big Eyes and Mirrors & Wires are playing! 9 PM 21+ $8 or $9 stinkin' bucks.

And finally, a quick report on last weekends trip out west.

Thanks to Joe from Siren Records for having us out in PA last Thursday. Criminal Culture and Trunks & Tales killed it DEAD.

Also, thanks to EVERYONE at Monster House in Columbus OH for having us play, and letting us snore on your floors. They were cozy.

And finally, thanks to Kenny Dix, Sanders, and all at the Soggy Dog house in Lakewood OH for the same. The night we played, the basement started leaking and every band had the death defying honor of playing in a very large pool of water collecting under everyone's shoes and plugged in amplifiers. I'll never forget the 2 hours of horror in Kenny Dix's eyes as he watched the bands play, and hopelessly tried to mop up the floor with cruddy old shirts. Everyone lived.

Oh yea, if you get the rare chance to check out the band What Gives, please do. A super-group of sorts, Ryan from The Sidekicks/Slugging Percentage, Austin from Delay, and Josh from the Serious Geniuses/Real Good, these guys were really something special. Goddamn, they were good. Keep a look out for their tape comin' out of Columbus soon

Finally, the Monday Philly/Steve's B-Day show didn't happen, partially due to bad weather. The snow we hit coming out of Ohio, and the snow that returned in the PA mountains as darkness descended nearly made me puke. Here's a picture of us getting home, somewhere around the Blue Mountains.

Very scary drive indeed. 7 1/2 hour drive took nearly 11! My stomach never felt so goddamn awful. But we made it home alive.

Finally, one of our new tracks was played on Needle Drop Radio out of L.A. last night. Here's the link to a pretty sweet show, with some very flattering things said about us. We really are the all-time dinner party of band. Also on the show was Big Eyes, Pujol, and some schlubs called The Ergs! It's Episode #37.

So long, Soggy Dog.


Anonymous said...

What color is the Under the Sink vinyl? It is imperative that I know this. I guess I could just text ya'll......

brick mower said...

You have the choice of standard black or a swirly gray mishmash of different colored vinyl. Freedom of choice is what you've got.