Friday, February 11, 2011

February Brings Snow Showers, But What Do Snow Showers Bring?

Icing on the roadways. That's what. Cold body temps as well. It's nasty, and only a hardened eskimo could love it. It's alright to me though. Gives me an excuse to catch up on DVD box sets from Christmases long ago.

So a quick update on what we're doing. It feels like a bunch o' random thoughts and tasks for the band are swirlin' round in my skull. Is any of it news worthy? Perhaps.

Anyway, we have some shows coming up on small tour we're doing in PA and Ohio come next weekend. I call it, the OHPA PAOH Adventure Tour. Yes, it's poorly named, and right off the top of my head, but it sounds rather Yiddish to me. Ok, that's not really the name.

In case you're unfamiliar with these states, I did a little online research to find out what the hell they look like.

They seem fun.

Some dates to check out:
2/17: Siren Records- Doylestown PA w/Criminal Culture (Tampa), Expressways
2/19: Monster House- Columbus, OH w/What Gives, Alien Orders, You Blockhead!
2/20: The Soggy Dog house- Lakewood, OH w/ What Gives, Asinine
2/21: JRs- Philadephia, PA w/The Timid Roosevelts, + 2 more TBA

Also, RECORD RELEASE show @ Meat Town USA in New Brunswick, NJ on March 9th which also kicks off our March tour.

AND, just got word that the LP jackets have shipped, and the test pressings have been approved so a record is on the way.

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dreymandi said...

Good to hear about them there LP jackets! Can't wait for the record to come out.