Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mishmosh of Visuals

This starts tomorrow. Friday, we're off. Anyone wanna have us play? We'll bring potato salad.

Also, someone shot this video from our show we played @ Meat Town in New Brunswick in January as part of our Black Wine weekend tour.

Some good jams, some rough round the edges. But then again, that's life. Deep, right? Damn right.

And here's the info and invite to our record release show for Under the Sink, and March tour kick-off at the same place this video was shot:

& Le' Facebooke' invite' to make it official in the realm of digital senses.!/event.php?eid=156874204364734

1 comment:

Eileen GE555 said...

I'm a big Brickmower fan! Eric is such a great guy!
Eileen from Sayreville