Saturday, March 5, 2011

Under the Sink East Coast Boogie/RECORDS!

Hey everyone!
So, after months of preparation, wadding through the Amazon without raincoats, crossing the Sahara with empty canteens, and swimming across the Indian ocean with little more than a box of Saltines, we are finally able to drop a SLAMMIN' record in your lap. The first full-length, Under the Sink is available and ready to ship. It's 300 copies, 120 on mixed-color vinyl, 180 on black. You can pick it up right now on LP or CD over @

To honor this momentous, tear-inducing occassion, we are kicking things off with a record release show, March 9th @ Meat Town USA in New Brunswick, NJ. And on a sad note, this will also be ex wife's last show. Bummer.

Here's a tour flyer of where we're going, and what we'll be seeing.
So right now, we're off the 17th. If anyone wants to pick up a show for us somewhere along the east coast, email us please. Also, just got word the The Handsome Woman show in CT is gonna be moved to a TBA spot in New Haven, CT. Dammit, this flyer is already a sham.

Anyway, see you out there.


marshall said...

wish you guys could get on a show in orlando the 17th

brick mower said...

Man, that would be awesome. But one really awful drive back to NY the next night. Still doable. Hopefully on our next trip south. -Eric