Thursday, March 17, 2011

Record Release Recap & Reviews

What's the New York Times saying about our new LP Under the Sink? Absolutely nothing.
How about Alternative Press?... Nope, nothing there either. Surely, the Auto Shopper had a few words to say about Under the Sink. No. Nothing at all.

But right now we're on a break from our tour we're doing this March. So far we've hit up NJ, Brooklyn, DE, VA, NC, SC, and 2 days in FL. Today's a driving day, kicking back and enjoying the perks of the internet that seemed to elude us for several days. Tomorrow night, we resume the last leg of the tour playing the Cake Shop in NY w/ Black Wine, Pregnant, and The New Rochelles. Saturday, we're gonna be up at Democracy Center in Cambridge, MA w/Black Wine, The Young Leaves, and Kill Conrad. Sunday, we wrap things up in New Haven, CT @ The Cookie Jar w/Weak Teeth from Providence.

So, more details to come on the spots we've played and the good souls we've met, as I often enjoy regaling short scroll-like tales of our adventures in America. Tonight, I'd just like to take a trip back to last Wendsday when we did our record release show at Meat Town USA in New Brunswick NJ. Here it is then.

Colleen from Period Girls kicked things off in grand fashion by baking us the coolest cakes ever. Yea, you heard me Cake Boss.

Here's what it looks like when someone holds the cakes...
Actually, looking at this picture just makes me long for a haircut. Seriously, that's ridiculous. I think I should join the army and get some structure in my life. J to the K.

Also, ex wife played there last show ever. Bummer. No picture is around as far as I know at this point.

Period Girls also played.
So did Mountain Dude.

We were also greeted by some old friends who came out.

All in all, it was a great time for us. We hope it was for any and all that came out. Thanks to those who picked up the record. And right now, not sure if there's any pictures of us from this night. But we're ugly anyway.

Finally, Razorcake reviewed our split 7" w/Granny Frost that came out last May. It's pretty hilarious. So without any further ado... Take it easy. See you out there.

Split: 7"
The record equivalent of a zine written in one night because, you know, it might be fun. Sure, it might be fun, but there’s probably no reason to share it with anyone outside of your immediate punk house or indie dwelling structure. Granny Frost is basically one guy reading/singing in a way that’s supposed to be humorous, but isn’t. Brick Mower plays some combination of experimental rock and indie something-or-other. Blah. –Maddy (Viking On Campus)

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