Monday, March 4, 2013

And In Other Words.... thanks guys

Hey guys.  We got back from tour last week and played 2 really cool shows in the area.   Thanks so much to Brett Davis and Kate Sweeney (the 2 amazing folks who worked on our "Stuttering" video).
Lileth Velkor played, Kicking Spit, and the most famous band of all time BANANAZZZ.

And then Saturday, our buds the Young Leaves came down to NJ to play with us and Black Wine, and Aspiga.  Oh what a night it was.   Thanks to all that came out to the shows and helped out, and thanks to Devin for helping put the show together, and Miranda for helping with the door and being rad.

On 3/12, we'll be back in New Brunswick at Paradise Lost with Sun Puddles, The Grains, and Pity Party out of Brooklyn, just heading out on tour.   Show starts at 7.  Hope to see yazzzzz.
Kicking Spit in Brooklyn.

The YOUNG LEAVES in New Brunswick.

Black Wine!

Dammit Dave, give me back my guitar!

ALSO, (for the fourth time I believe), WE'RE BACK ON TWITTER!   If that's your thing, you can follow us here.   @brickmower


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