Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Stuff From the Road.... (February Tour '13 Recap)

Hello everybody and welcome to another exciting adventure of BRICK MOWER tour travels.  Yes, yet another chapter in unwashed jeans and belly aches; yellowing teeth and cheap beer; pulled muscles and the process of loading-out!    Isn't it grand?

Well... yes.  The answer is a resounding YES!  The fucking people have spoken, and it is quite grand.

But first, 2 things.  Don Giovanni Records website is now new, updated, and eye popping. There's also a new TOUR DATES page with much better updated show info on what's going down.  Sometimes, things get fuzzy with updating the shows on the side of this blog, BUT they will be there also.

AND speaking of TOUR DATES, we're currently booking our full US tour for May and June.  That includes you Cali-pho-ni-yay, and yes... Montana!

Enough of the ramblage.... (hey Descendents, you can pay me for that song title).    We are back from our tour yet again and still readjusting our eyes after our all-night drive back from the mid-west.

Here's some stuff we saw along the way in the US of A (hey, Theodore Geisel, you can pay me for that book title... oh damn, RIP).

Miles Traveled: 4200+
Total Shows: 17
Total States: 10
New States Played: 1 (Arkansas)
Broken guitar strings:  0   (I DID IT!)
Canceled shows: 0 (THEY DID IT!)
Laptop Computers Lost on Tour:  1
Laptop's Recovered by Good Samaritans and returned to band 70 miles away: 1
Brick Mower Birthday's on Tour:  2
Brick Mower babies birthed: 0, as usual.
Number of Throwed Rolls consumed at Lambert's in Ozark, MO:  8!

Dogpatch USA (RIP) -Ozark Mountains  "Hot Damn! It's up there, still. It was a Hillbilly Six Flags"- Mike in Arkansas. 



 Steve living out his dreams at The Milestone- Charlotte, NC



YEAH, that's it.  ALSO...

Tomorrow night, that is Thursday 2/28, we are playing in Brooklyn, NY at The Paper Box  Here's the facebook thing, making it QUITE official  (facebook thing)

The show is at 8 and features  BANANAZZZ, Kicking Spit, and Lilith Velkor.  21+  Be there or be lame.

And this Saturday, March 2nd, our buds The Young Leaves from MA are playing in New Brunswick, NJ with us, Black Wine, and Aspiga.   Here's the facebook thing. (facebook thing).



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