Monday, March 11, 2013

Vinyl Junkies, Begin Salivating....NOW

Hey vinyl fiends(or general brick mower cheerleaders), some record news is coming down the pipes regarding a couple of our releases.

First and foremost, the long-awaited, (twice blogged about) brick mower/Black Wine split 7'' is about to see the light of day!  It's now up on the Viking on Campus Records webstore for pre-order.  It will be out on 3/19/12 and shipping on, or around, said date.

That's the front cover, done up nicely by the fine folks at Little Punk People, Justin Fullman and Daniela Calcaterra Fullman.

The 7'' was recorded on the Tascam 388, giving it a nice lo-fi, quarter-inch bite by Eric Bennett at The Hunt Studio in New Egypt, NJ.      On this slab o' wax, you get 2 songs by each band.  1 original, 1 cover.

Black Wine's got the original tune "Pants" sung by Miranda Taylor along with their live fixture, Devo's "Freedom of Choice."   We have the original song "Shitty Parade" next to a cover of Columbus, OH's Gaunt with "Jim Motherfucker," featuring backing shouts from J. Nixon and guitar slay-mignon by Jeff Schroeck.

AND, if that's not enough..... our Under the Sink LP is going to be repressed in a run of 200 copies on RED vinyl shortly through our own imprint, Viking on Campus Records.   If you missed out the first time, or if you wanna collect, here's your chance.   The logistical BS is in the works, and this should hopefully be out in early May before our full US tour.

So, how 'bout that?

In other news, we're playing a sweet, sweet show in our stompin' ground of New Brunswick, NJ this Tuesday (3/12/13) @ Paradise Lost with Sun Puddles, The Grains, and Pity Party (ex- The Measure [SA]/Sexycrimes), who will be on day 2 of their tour.  Facebook stuffs is right here.



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