Thursday, June 2, 2011

Weekend Schmeekend; Northeast Giddy-Up Recap.

Hope y'all had fun in beach traffic this past weekend, as it is now the unofficial start of summer, and the time of year when we find cheesy ads for shitty special effects superhero movies on the side of soda cups everywhere.

This weekend for us was quite the time. And proverbial hi-fives go out to all involved with making it happen. We kicked things off at The Alamo in New Brunswick, playing our 100th show! The Young Leaves made it down from Mass. and killed it dead. 3JANE, definitely one of my new favorite bands played too, along with Eternal Fuzz. Too good.

This is the 1st thing you see when you walk into a WalGreens in Maine. Way to be a stereotype, ya gorgeous state.

Saturday, we hit the road, en route to the lovely deciduous state of Maine. We left at 10 a.m., all 3 of us in shorts, sweat pouring down our backs, heat headaches setting in steadily a half hour from home. By the time we hit New Hampshire, the temps dropped a solid 20 degrees out of nowhere, and the clouds replaced where the sun once seemed to shine so oppressively. And was that my breath I saw in front of me? None of us packed a damn thing warm. Yup, that was KG buying a sweatshirt that said MAINE across the front of it, at a Maine gas station. Very, very un-punk. OR, so un-punk she was the punkest motherfucker at Coyle Street house? Thanks to Isaac for setting up the show, feeding us, and helping me up after I got knocked over a bucket full of beer bottles during Grist Mill's set. My elbow scrap still looks rad.

We found out Saturday night that our Sunday show at Fuck Yeah Center in Massachusetts got canceled. We were so bummed out, we did rails of cocaine, and drank whiskey from each other's shoes until we couldn't see the tips of our fingers. Then we all got in the car and began driving down the train tracks as fast as we could. No, I'm kidding. It was all okay. We got over it like adults.

Here's us playing at the Silent Barn after we fell in a vat of grease. (thanks Channing for the photo).

Great time at Silent Barn basement Monday night. Thanks to Jordan for helping to set it up. And, thanks to Harpoon Forever for having the questionably homeless, unstably excitable man follow them on the train from NJ, into Queens, and all the way into the Silent Barn. This dude danced around like a headless chicken on uppers, constantly dowsing himself with streams of cologne and screaming "THAT'S A HIT!" at the good men of Mattress. By the time we played, he could barely pull his danced-out body off the couch, but still kept screaming "That's a hit!," while pouring more cologne on his head. WOW!

Steve and me lookin' oh so greasy.

So that's about that. Right now we have some June shows lined-up. Our VA trip in June is in the balance due to a cancelation, so if anyone can help out in the VA are on June 11th, please let me know. We'll play your b-day party or backyard wedding. Especially if there's wiffle ball.

Also, if you missed our live set on WPRB's Not Cause, But Effect show this past Tuesday night, I'll be posting a couple tracks from the radio session on the blog soon. Stay tuned.


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