Saturday, June 4, 2011


After torturous weeks of waiting, you can finally trudge through the murk of mumbled and cracked vocals to find out what the hell is going on in the grooves or laser intricacies of your brick mower record. Please, let this guide you from your day to day, and aid you at future shows. Print them out and read them, or forward them to your local community youth group. The Under the Sink lyrics.

Tuxedo Bitch
Another boring rant about minor altercations
It seems these hobbies have become full on obsessions
Cause I know the space you share with me, is limited with its charms
You’re crowding up the pillow
5 scratch marks in the arm

Cause it’s days like these when you’re chasing bugs
And they seem so out of reach
A constant that just falls apart, the more you try to teach
Cause she is wandering and sleeping half the day.

Slow Too Fast
It’s been so long since I’ve had time
But everything’s fine
And I could read the writing on the walls
The words I’ve never known

It’s been so long since you’ve been home
And I could rewrite history
But there’s no need (use) to read
And they just closed the book so there’s no need

It’s been a while since I’ve been fine
You arrived on a dime
And I could film the pictures on the wall
The one’s they never show

I can’t stop lying through the thick of my teeth
The change falls hard and you’re gone
It's all that I see on a cracked TV
and no more money to burn
And every time you stop the words from which they came

You distance yourself from the biggest risks
We’ll leave it at that for a change
Muddy coffee cup and a side of stale crumbs
We wait, and we wait, and we wait
And when you call my name, well I just do the same

With ease fall to your knees
And you are right with me

Falling on screens, making a scene
And you won’t let me be

Swinging in trees, pulling off leaves
Cause you won’t ride with me

Pulling down leaves, through the skinned knees
But you won’t ride with me

Going out of your way could put me to sleep
I never thought I’d be the one
To wrap you in tight, your hands in a bind
Suck it up, move your feet
And everyone you meet returned from where they came

Voula's Lament
Spent the last 5 years in bed
Spiders weaving webs in my head

Now it’s understood
Tried it out on bail
But I swear that I tried but I failed
Like Buffet said “it’s my own damn fault”

Tried to listen once, “That’s nice”
Lay my body out on the ice
“Well you’re just fucking up,” she said one time before
Thought about that once, but nevermore

Instant Rectification
Hands around your wrists feel a lot like this
I’ve got a job but I’m too fucked up to quit
A paper trail I left made of old pink slips
I got a lot of debt but I just can’t sell it off now

Just thought I would break to you the news
Thought it’d be the diplomatic thing to do
But this is from a different point of view
Cast out to waste
The future’s here
But it’s not that bad
And the past is gone
And the paper’s torn
And all guns are drawn

Standing out underneath the dim streetlights
Holes in my shoes and a new found will to fight
The less I try the more things turn out right
I got a lot of clues but I just can’t give ‘em off

Garden Variety
You catch a bad one
You must get over yourself
Nail in a jawbone
The only feeling I’ve felt
Paint me a picture
Of the places you’ve been
Recycled storyboards
That I’ll never see

I’m calling out your name but it’s too much to ask for
Cross me off your list
And I’m on your front porch now
I wanted to, I wanted to, I wanted to
give it all back to you

You cue a sad song
The first one’s the worst
So sentimental, until you burst
You’re hanging posters
That dip to the left
Of bottom-feeders
Strung out on stress

Lungs Can't Handle
The progress wasn’t progress
I just thought about your freak scene
And you wondered where we regressed
And I thought it was you on the TV screen

And every time I call you up
I get disconnected by
The sound of your silence
And I wondered where the promises defected

Then it’s all in my mind
It’s such a waste of time
And all the way they go backwards, forwards, moving, intertwined

The timing’s only doubled
You thought about the wood ships sailed
And I took a deep breath down
The tension’s only momentary now
And picking up the shrapnel
I took a turn to see you
And I’m exiting the stage left
Wondered how these moments pass us by

They try to blind you
With tales of false regret
I thought about that
Once when I was ten

I’ve got a bookmark
Saving up my time
The pages yellow

Run to the candle burn the wick from all angles
Fall off the edge of my couch
Never crawling back
Fall off the edge of my couch

Run to the hanger grab your coat you’re in danger
Fall off the edge of a world
Never coming back
Fall off the edge of a word

The time will tell you
certain things won’t mend
I thought about that
Sinking in my bed

A deeper pocket
Sucks up all my change
The jagged window
It’s all the same

Looks Like What Gives
Snapping rubber bands
It’s our most pathetic plan
And this is how we waste our time
like a graduation day
with nothing new to say
The future needs no salutations

And it’s plain for us to see
the way it shouldn’t be
and we’re riding around all day
with the cards in the spokes
And you want to live a life
One that takes you by surprise
But I’m home staring at my shoes
That’s why I can’t help you

We number all our days
Try to count but slip away
And this his how we waste our time
Bury my sick heart
There’s no other way to start
This race we’re in won’t get us far

And now it makes me sick of trying every night

Cowboy in a Nutshell
He takes his 40 lashes
He looks through amber glasses now
So tired of turning all the screws
with solos just like Mountain Dude
The power’s in the filament
You know that I’m so sick of it
He likes to torture all his friends
Just like a book that never ends
Already dragged it through the mud
You know it’s all unfun

To you we write these songs
And all the time, where you belong
With the plans I make, and the rules you break
The spinning upside down again
With your mechanic’s grip
You couldn’t hold it anyway

We divided up the equator
With a broken calculator too
He lived through all his mishaps
and worked until he broke his back
So sick of all these factions
These fractions will divide

For you....

Sea to Function
Walking around on 2 hours sleep
and I swear that the demons are real
A quarter short from a full cup of coffee
as the mad-cap laughs right behind me
And I’m just fishing for change
In a memory bank all dried up
I spit where I walk
toward the soles of my shoes
As a slow whip cracks
right behind me

And I would just say shut up

Cause you know you’re so fed up
But when the tone’s turned down
then you won’t turn around
There’s nothing to see right behind me

Slipping off in a trial of sleep
And I know now that nothing is real
The air that I breath is the thing that I keep
and I see you there
right behind me

And I’m just riding around
but the bike I got’s rusted up
It’s sort of unclear
I see that you’re there
as the punch-ups start
right behind me

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