Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Time Blews/ New 7'' Information/Future 7'' Information

Hello there. It’s been quite some time since we posted in the blog. Quick update. Actually putting the feet up on the coffee table until the beginning of July. Enjoying some downtime, and taking Tylenol. Ahhh, feels nice. Writin’ new tunes too. But that is neither here nor there.

Few things to report. The July/August tour with Black Wine is shaping up nicely. Here’s what we've got so far, with other places TBA-ASAP (follow all that).

Sat. July 23-Earville, NY at The Barn
Sun. July 24-Buffalo, NY at Sugar City
Mon. July 25-Lakewood, OH at Soggy Dog House
Tue. July 26-Detroit, MI
Wed. July 27-Elgin, OH at the Gasthaus
Thu. July 28-Chicago, IL
Fri. July 29-Appleton, WI at BFG House
Sat. July 30-Duluth, MN
Sun. July 31-Minneapolis, MN
Mon. August 1-Iowa City, IA at Public Space One
Tue. August 2-Milwaukee, WI at Ground Zero
Wed. August 3-Bloomington, IN
Thu. August 4-Cincinnati, OH at Goetz Alley
Fri. August 5-Columbus, OH at Monster House
Sat. August 6-Hanover, PA at Kclinger's

And we’ll be playing some dates before that:
July 1st @ The Banana Stand- Philadelphia, PA
July 2nd @ Empty House- Hauppage, NY
July 3rd @ The Church- Canajoharie, NY
July 13th @ Maxwell’s- Hoboken, NJ

If anyone needs info on these shows, let us know. We got info coming out our EARS!

And finally, seeing the light of day are some earlier, pre-Steve on drum recordings that are coming out on a new 7’’, Why Are We Doing This?, courtesy of Rok Lok Records. These guys have finally gone to print, and feature 4 songs recorded back in early March 2010, with the vocals getting done last August.

Here’s what they look like.

Side A’s got a slower version of our live staple “Cheap Gasoline” and an earlier/slightly faster version of “Instant Rectification” which is on the Under the Sink LP. Side B’s got 2 unheard cuts, “National Washboard” and “Supernatural Bakesale.” Scary stuff.

Info will be up soon on how to get your hands on these bastards.

And in other 7’’ news, we’ll be recording a few new tracks in August to put on some upcoming split 7’’s we have planned, with the full band and all! Whoooa.


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