Wednesday, November 3, 2010

TOUR TOUR TOUR with Period Girls

It's November. That means turkey, gravy, American football, post election parties, frosted AM windshields, gravy, stuffing, post election funerals, VETERAN'S DAY, mashed potatoes, dead leaves, rain, gravy rain, and gravy.

But it also means, you're about to ENTER THE FUNHOLE!

Tomorrow night marks night 1 of the brick mower tour with our friends and trusty broads, Period Girls.

Drum roll............................................ BASH

And the dates:

11/4- Goodbye Blue Monday- Brooklyn NY 8 pm
115- Danger Danger Gallery- Philadelphia PA w/ Dry Feet, v-boys 9 PM
11/6- UMass Lowell, Lowell MA 6 pm
11/7- Rebel Sound Records, Pittsfield MA (matinee show) 2 pm
11/9- Café Bourbon St., Columbus OH 9 pm
11/10- The Modern Post- Schererville, IN 8 pm
11/11- Granny Frost Loft- Chicago, IL w/ Granny Frost
11/12- Basement 414- Lansing, MI 8 pm
11/13- Soggy Dog- Lakewood, OH
11/14- Helter Shelter- Pittsburgh, PA

If you know someone in these towns, and you don't hate us, tell em about it. Also, ask them how much room their floor has because we'd love to sweat all over it with night tremors. Ummm, we need some places to sleep is another way to put it. We'll keep you posted from the road. So find us on social networking sites for any changes and what not.


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Marina Goldshteyn said...

Hey where is granny frost loft!?! cant wait for the show show