Friday, November 19, 2010

Comp. release show and NEW 7'' out!

Tomorrow night @ Meat Town USA is night 4 of the “Friends with Benefits” compilation release shows through Love/Hate Records. Shows have taken place already in Manhattan and Brooklyn last week. Tonight and tomorrow, they spill over across the Hudson and include some of the NJ bands on the comp. We’re happy to say we’re on this thing, with an unreleased version of “Daughter, What is the Matter?” which some of you audiophiles might remember from our Floors EP.
If you don’t, it’s ok. I rest easier with the newer version under my pillow.

Also, tomorrow night, we will have copies of our new “Box Turtle” 7’’ that just came out on Stumparumper Records. This lathe-cut slab of pop is clear as the day is long, and very limited. Hand-numbered to 50 with front and back artwork done by Ryan Duggan. The 7’’ also has a cover of “Exit Flagger” by Guided by Voices. And I’ll be honest here. I believe these things were pressed slightly fast, and the octaves on everything is a little high. SO, if you buy it from us, you’ll probably get a CD-R with it. Or, if we can’t burn ‘em all in time, you can download the 2 tracks online. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

You can also order it now from

Tomorrow’s show starts @ 7. Beta Male John Wayne, Ghost Robot Ninja Bear (duo-acoustic set), and Ex-Wife are also playing! I believe everyone who attends the show gets a free copy of the compilation (donations welcome). You can’t beat that.

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