Thursday, June 12, 2014


Hey everyone. After a long absence from the blogger scene, the brick mower machine is back writing some shit. Basically, this blog is first damn thing that comes up in Google, and then someone posted on twitter it looks like we broke up. Well if not updating a blog means we broke up, then shit, that guy can carry the amps into the next show... Cause this ship is still sailing.

Anyways, THE BLOG IS UPDATED.  Also, a good reason to update, we have a NEW LP that came out recently on Don Giovanni Records.   Teenage Graceland, 11 brand new songs from us, by us, for you, and you, and YOU.  

You can order the LP here from Don Giovanni Records, or stream it at our bandcamp.

Alright. Alright.  We're playing some shows, looking to do a tour this September. Check back soon. We should be posing a video on this site REAL SOON.   Thanks for hanging with us.  Take it easy.   

More thorough update to come soon. Soon. SOOOOOOOOON.


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