Thursday, February 13, 2014

NEW LP IS A COMIN'/ Where Have We Been?/ Where Are We Going?

The title of this blog really says it all.  Okay then. Bye!

JUST KIDDING. I wouldn't do that to you. But seriously is says it all. Manages to ask a couple questions in it too.

If you follow this blog or band (we hope band before blog), you might have noticed we've been off this forum for a little bit. Well, sometimes typing gets too damn tedious, and you gotta get off the computer. But in reality, we were putting the finishing touches on some stuff, playing a few shows, and generally sluggishly limping through the winter. SO, what's new with us....?

OUR NEW LP Teenage Graceland will be released on LP via Don Giovanni Records on March 25th!!!

YOU CAN PRE-ORDER at the Don Giovanni Records webstore HERE!

Also, a post beforehand would have done some good but can't relive the past. (That's good advice everyone since it is impossible).  We got to play the 2014 Don Giovanni Records Showcase this year at the Music  Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, and it funking ruled.  Thanks to Joe and Zach for another awesome year.  Below's a video of reasonable audio, but pristine picture quality of us playing our song "Punched Out." Check out those moves!!!!  The part where Kitsin spins on her head while walkin' up the bass Mingus-style is nuts!

So anyways, pre-order the LP. We're having 2 record release shows March 21st (in Brooklyn at the Acheron) and March 22nd (in New Brunswick, NJ at Cooler Ranch).  Please check the tour dates link on the sidebar for details.  

More info to come on that.

FINALLY, we're going to be heading out on a 3 week tour starting April 18th.  Tour dates and locations will be announced soon as we stitch this thing together with a dull needle and tangled twine. 

THANKS!  See ya's sooner than we did the last post.  The wheel's are turning again on the rusty machine.  


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Brad Writer said...

stoked to hear the new LP!