Wednesday, May 8, 2013

TOUR FLYER/ My Hateable Face on CD!!!!

HEY WORLD.  We're leaving for tour soon.  If you can come see us, well then that would just be the raddest.  

Hey! And this artwork was done by our buddy Tom Lowell.  He rules!  Thanks Tom. 

We're working on securing a few more solidified venues and what not but it's coming together.  Check for updates here.  That's the facebook get-up.

Also, our Don Giovanni Records debut My Hateable Face is currently being pressed to compact disc.  That's CD talk for the mom's and dad's out there.   You know;  those things you can play in the car that look like shiny plates that look like lame version of records that the cool kids hate? 

Yeah, those things!  I don't know, but CDs are still cool with us, and all the people who have asked if we have them available.   SO, good news is... they soon will be.   And HUGE thank you to Jay Insult for helping format the CD art last minute!   Life saver 101. 

Also, we're still hoping to have our Under the Sink LP re-pressed, but it's been pushed back a bit.  Hopefully out by late summer.  Sorry. We suck.  

No we don't!  Who said that?  I'll take on the every last one 'a ya!

Okay. Enough fake fighting with myself.  Updates soon!  Breath deep. You'll get through this. Life is long.


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