Monday, April 29, 2013

We Shut Off the Alarm, and Now This Post Is Late


So we're going on a New England tour this weekend....  OH NO, shit we actually already did that!   IT JUST HAPPENED!  OH NO....

Yeah, Mr. Late-to-the-Party over here has neglected to updated this information hub of all things brick mower for a while.  Sorry.  No wait... I make no apologizes.  I go down with the ship.

Deep breaths everyone, and we'll get through this.    We just played 4 rad shows this weekend:  Here's a rundown.

4/26- Worcester, MA- Penthouse Basement-  Pete Camaerato set this up. Pete is GRRREAT! He used to play bass in The Young Leaves.  He plays bass with his brother Sean in Pillow Man.  They rule. Rotating Strawberry Maddonna played.  They ruled.  Ben Greenslade lent us his basement with solid dirt floor and MT. Trashmore to make this happen.  WHOA!

Mt. Trashmore of Worcester

Deuce Bigalow guitar mat, courtesy of Pete. 

4/27- Newmarket, NH- Fuckingham Palace-  David Solender set this one up in Newmarket. We've played this house before. Everyone there is a goddamn sweetheart.  Yeah, here's lookin' at you Sam Ueda and Eric Ward.   The Little Richards played. Yo Ticonderoga played.  The cops showed up. Shut this thang down just as smoke began emanating from our fingertips.  Stopped in our tracks.  Got to hang with David in Manchester and hang out with his cat Hank.  ALSO, Christopher Chaisson (bud for life) donated new bass cab speakers to KG.  What a guy!

Inside John Wilkes Booth Records HQ.

Walking around cool , old cemeteries- our sorta favorite pastime, maybe?

HANK THE CAT, giving the cool and collected stank eye. 

4/28- Allston, MA- O'Brien's-  YEAH! This was quite fun.  A nice, sunny, Sunday afternoon matinee show, brought to us all by Ryan "THE TERRIBLE" Agate.  I'm not sure, but I believe Ryan is not only the mayor of Allston, but the surrounding Boston area, and might be the literal pulse of the ENTIRE city.  Great show!  What a time.  Weak Week, Fleabite, and The New Warden all rule!  Way to go!  Woot Woot.

Bad Religion coasters at O'Brien's which inspired all 3 of us to buy their new record immediately. 

Then, we drove down to New Haven, CT to play a night show with CALIFORNIA X, who helped set up the show and get us on it.  THANKS DAN!  They got us a whole 30 pack of High Life (WHOA!), and lent us gear after we sat in the top 3 worst traffic jams of the band (with unfortunate Top 3 worst accident scenes we've seen...) But I digress with the downers.  The show was fucking rad.  The night was late.   

YEAH..... Nice time had by all.   

New post coming soon about our Bring Your Own Burrito full US tour and some info on our new record in the works.  Thanks.


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