Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Thank You Show Much/Setlist TV Video

Hey everyone. Well, first and foremost, just want to extend some thank you’s to the people that made our past mother’s day weekend an enjoyable one all around. First, the mom’s. Thanks for having us. Sorry we waste your time by playing in a band. Secondly, thanks to Mimi from Nona and Mark from Spraynard for having us in Chadds Ford, PA on Sunday night. Your whole town smells like flowers. Oddly amazing. And, thanks to Taryn and Siren Records for having us Saturday. But most importantly, perhaps, gotta thank Melissa & Paul, the duo we played with at Siren Saturday night, who then invited us to play a midnight house show in Berkeley Heights, NJ. That was pretty rad all around. Nothing like playing at 1:30 am in a smoky basement when you have to be up in 6 hours. And so many people there were really into talking about Blank Check, my favorite movie, dare I say, EVER!

Yea, that's not really true. But Tone-Loc is amazing in this. Step aside Bogart.

Ok, so here’s a show we’re playing this Saturday. It’s the last show at Nacho House in Newark, DE. If you haven’t been, this is your last chance to check out this sweet place, and to give it a final send-off. Another in the long list of this year’s funeral procession of show houses. And it’s a packed line-up starting at 1 PM. Should be excellent.

And if you haven’t seen it, our TV bombardment is up on Youtube. Here’s us on Setlist TV, which we filmed in April and was broadcast on CTV out of Staten Island, NY this past week.


5/14 @ Nacho House - Newark, DE w/ Mountian Dude, Alien Father, Tit Patrol, Hex-I-Am, Oh Shit

5/27 @ The Alamo- New Brunswick, NJ w/ Sister Kisser, The Young Leaves, Eternal Fuzz, 3Jane

5/28 @ Coyle Street House- Portland, ME w/ Grist Mill, + 2

5/29 @ Fuck Yea Center- Worcester, MA w/ Young Leaves, + 1 (matinee show)

5/30 @ Silent Barn- Queens, NY w/ Wagers, Mattress, + 1

6/10 @ The Main Man's- New Castle, DE w/ The Headies, Ba-Durr, Oh Shit

6/11 @ TBA - Richmond, VA w/ You're Jovian + more

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