Sunday, May 1, 2011

In Case You're Bored

Hey cool cats. Here's a video of us at Slaughterhouse 5 in Dover, New Hampshire from our short tour we did a couple weekends ago. Billy Raygun, The Young Leaves, and Shire also played this show. It was pretty rad. I especially enjoy when Kit's bass goes out during "Weaving" around the 5:25 mark. Oh, it's a B.M. show for sure.

Also, here's a new review for Under the Sink from one of my favorite blogs, Willfully Obscure. Such a good one site. Make a pitstop there for some hidden gems, and general oddities.

Cool. Have fun divin' into May folks. Don't forget Mom's day is right around the corner! You can pick out some great gifts below. Take care.

Upcoming Shows:

5/7 @ Siren Records- Doylestown, PA w/ Dead Ringer, Melissa and Paul 8 PM all ages

5/8 @ Chadds Pad- Chadd Ford, PA w/ Nona, The Snails, Paul Blest 6 PM all ages

5/14 @ Nacho House (matinee show/LAST SHOW @ Nacho House)- Newark, DE w/ Mountain Dude, Alien Father, Tit Patrol, Hex-I-Am 1 PM all ages

5/14 @ Skate Jawn House- Philadelphia, PA w/ Mountain Dude, Alien Father, Wisdom Tooth 7 PM

5/27 @ The Alamo - New Brunswick, NJ w/ Sister Kisser, The Young Leaves, Eternal Fuzz, 3 Jane 6 PM

5/28 @ Coyle Street House- Portland, ME w/ Grist Mill, Brave Shark + 1 TBA 7 PM

5/29 @ Fuck Yea Center - Worcester, MA (matinee show) w/ TBA

5/30 @ Silent Barn- Queens, NY w/ TBA

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