Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Celtic-Punk NIGHT with brick mower/Halloween show

Tonight, we're playing this show @ the friendly home away from home, Brighton Bar in Long Branch, NJ with some Canadian punks. They have crazy mohawks and like polka. Friggin' nutty songs that, literally make you drink whiskey. When you put on the music of The Dreadnoughts, you become automatically drunk, and an empty bottle of Bushmill's is next to your lifeless body on the floor. Recovering alcoholics should be advised to forgo listening to the music of The Dreadnoughts, for relapse is imminent. Crazy stuff. Hooligan rock and roll for a new generation. Which raises the question; was their one for the old generation?

In other news, we just got word that our lathe cut 7''s have been delayed by the folks at the plant, not the folks over at Stumparumper. After charges were filed, and acquisitions made over general apathy, the plant finally decided they'd press these things, and pushed back the arrival date practically to the end of man-kind. So needless to say, we won't have them for tour. But they'll hopefully be out before X-mas. They go good with egg nog.

Finally, this Sunday, we're playing a Superchunk cover set @ Meat Town USA in New Brunswick. Erin Fancy from Full of Fancy and Marty Leahy from Silent Way will join our 3 piece to turn this into a bloated cover band of delusional fanatics. A bunch of cracked walnuts, we are. Honored to rock the classics of Chunk. Come in costume. It's an early show. STARTS AT 4:30!!!

So long.

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