Tuesday, October 19, 2010

These Diapers are 1 Year Old/Recording/Comp. Info

Well, well, well, Happy B-day to us. Or in 3 days that is. Last October 22nd, we played our first show at Courtlandt Land in New Brunswick thanks to the good-graces of Kelli K. Got to play with Mike Bruno, We are the Seahorses!, and Batrider from freakin’-funkin’ New Zealand!!!! So, yea. It’s been a year in this band, and the knees creek a little when getting out of bed, and these gray hairs are starting to look rather dignified. Since last October, we’ve done 44 shows in 9 states, and are gonna keep rolling with the punches and keeping it cheap when eating our lunches. Thanks for making the year good. You know who you are! Look at how stupid we are in this over-used "1st show" pic. Think it's the only one from that fateful night. R.I.P. courtlandt/litterbox.

So, now that I’m past the self-glorifying birthday wishes to the band, I’m gonna announce that we’re going to be entering the Hunt Studio, NJ to record with Eric Bennet in mid-December to do the full-length album. When it will see the light of day, only time will tell? But for now, I’m going to rejoice in the fact that some of these damn songs will finally be put to tape and scratched off of the “songs to record” list. I hate that list.

Also, brick mower’s going to be on the compilation Friends with Benefits from Love/Hate Records. It should be out in mid-November. We’ll be playing a release show on November 20th at a yet to be named location in New Brunswick to commemorate the hard work put in by the two John’s over at Love/Hate Records. They’ll also be throwing a show in Brooklyn the previous night with other bands from the comp.

Our track is “Daughter, What is the Matter?” however; it’s an unreleased, re-recorded, re-charged, slightly different, and maybe better version than the one on “Floors.” But yea, for you completists, it’s new. Other artists on FWB include Dude Japan, Soft Black, Rapid Cities, mOck, Montagna & The Mouth to Mouth, Ex Wife, In Ribbons, and a ton of other bands are scattered across this thing.

Finally, a lot of shows coming up. Closest one on the calender is at Brighton Bar in Long Branch, Wed. October 27th Starts at 8 PM and it’s $8.

Check the myspace page for more show listings! Thanks a bunch, for the brunch.

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