Sunday, September 19, 2010

Let us Dress You/Hug Your Local Door Man/Shows Abound

Hey everyone. My fingers have been off the keyboard this September for the most part. I'm anticipating the weather cooling off, but every time the radio/TV tells me it's gonna be 70 degrees with Fall-like conditions, it turns into an 85 degree sweat fest (and then a tornado touches down in Brooklyn/Queens). NUTTY STUFF.

Is this to blame for the lack of blogging? Sure, I'll blame it on the weather.

But anyway, just got back from a little show we played tonight. Got asked to play last minute at Court Tavern in New Brunswick with SLAW, the Weird Fantasy Band, Black Wine, and the resurrection of Mohawk Barbie. Twas a nice one. AND, someone does need to give the door guy at Court Tavern a hug (only because I want to see if he'll whip out a pocket knife in former mentioned occasion). That gentlemen, for the second brick mower show in a row, didn't believe Kit was in the band, and questioned us MEN if "that person" was in the band. Ummm, yea.

If you're in the NJ area, we're playing this show on Thursday, September 23rd @ Meat Town USA with our buddies Granny Frost from Chicago. Also, Banned Books and Mike Bruno are playing. This show is NOT to be missed.

So without any further add eww.... LET US DRESS YOU. We now have some new t-shirts. Here's a modeling picture!

Oppp, wrong picture.

We have shirts in S, M, L, and XL. Hope you know what those letters stand for. If so, you're in for a treat. Message us if you want to acquire one at

Also, we have our "Floors" EP up for download over at our Bandcamp website.


More info on the life and times of us to come. Hang on to your hats!!!!!

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