Tuesday, September 21, 2010

GRANNY FROST WEEKEND w/ brick mower and the gang

Hey everyone. On Thursday, our friends Granny Frost, from Chicago, IL start their tour at none other than....!!!!
MEAT TOWN USA in New Brunswick, NJ

Also on this show is Banned Books and Mike Bruno!!!

In the past year, Stumparumper Records has helped put out stuff for all of these bands including us, and now we're all getting together for some shows. Banned Books will also follow Granny Frost through the weekend.

brick mower will also be appearing at this show!
-Saturday 9/25 @ DreamCastle in Philadelphia w/(the same awesome line-up!) Ask us for that address if you like or live in Philly.

Here's the Granny Frost/Banned Books dates if you wanna be like Phish-heads and follow them around:
9/23 @ Meat Town USA in New Brunswick, NJ
9/24 @ Dave's Basement w/Bloody Swimsuit in Worcester, MA
9/25 @ DreamCastle in Philly
9/26 @ Bullshot's Pizza Pub w/Zebra and Bulls Fight Tonight in Atlantic City, NJ

Also, once more, we have some shirts in S,M,L, and XL. You can order them below if you'd like by clicking on this link.

Thanks a bunch!

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