Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Summer Update From the Front Lines

Hello friends. Sit down and let me tell you a story.....

Unfortunately, I have misplaced my reading glasses and can not read at this time. So please stand up, and exit to your left. BUT FIRST, a few brick mower stuffs going on.

It'll be a busy August in the tri-state area for the mower.... come see us and a bunch of rad cool bands at the following places:


(but first July... shhhh)
7/25- Hillsborough, NJ @ Bastard Culture HQ  7 PM

8/3- Asbury Park, NJ @ Lakeside Studios (this is a small acoustic gathering, probably a solo thing. Get drunk and show up. But definitely get drunk first).

8/4- Brooklyn, NY @ The Acheron w/ The Elsinores and Crow Bait  8 PM

8/19- Asbury Park, NJ @ Asbury Lanes w/ The Sidekicks, Dowsing, Sundials 8 PM

8/22- Brooklyn, NY @ Death by Audio w/ Nuclear Santa Claust and BLACK WINE (Black Wine's record release and tour kick-off!!!) 7 pm

8/30- New Brunswick, NJ @ The Court Tavern  9 pm

8/31- New Brunswick, NJ @ Paradise Lost 7 pm w/ California X

Also, a small tour is coming together slowly but hopefully surely in the middle of all this.

AND in further news.... why don't you grab a copy of the new record. And the old ones. And others too.  

Additionally, we got some new shirts swirlin' around the market

These bad boys (or girls) will be available at our shows. Grab yourself a nice one today! These were drawn up by our good friend Tom Lowell, and printed by the great people over at Self Aware Records!

That's it for now.  



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