Thursday, July 4, 2013

2013 US TOUR WRAP UP!/ New LP Details/ Sumer Vactaion

HELLO WORLD!  It has been some time since we've been on the trusty brick mower blog.  The reason being, we were out on full US tour for some time.  Well, again, not full. Sorry to the south east, but we'll see ya soon enough.

We actually have been back for a bit, and this blog is long overdue.  Some spots we've played almost a month a half ago when we started the tour!!!  Jeez, how the time flies like mosquitos at a BBQ, know what I'm sayin'?   No? Okay.

First and foremost, THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HELPED US BOOK THIS TOUR, FED US, HOUSED US, SHOWERED US WITH FOOD, DRINKS, AND SOMETIMES SHOWERS!  Really could not do it without the amazing support we received yet again from so many friends, old and new.

And, we'd like to thank our buddy Vincent Castellano (ex-Hooking Up, current Baby Clothes), for joining us for the entire tour!  He hopped in our vehicle at our first show in Richmond, VA, and a month later we dropped him off at his house in Virginia Beach on our way back from Raleigh, NC.  Damn. 

Anyway, here's some tour stats:

Miles Traveled: 9742
Total Shows: 31 (plus 2 when we got home)
Total States played: 19
New States played: 0 (damn, 7 more to go)
Broken strings: 2
Canceled shows: 1
Items lost on tour: 1 bag of food with ink and screen-printing squeegee inside.
Times Vincent, our tour guy said "What in the world?":  70+
Times Eric threw-up because of the fucking heat: 2
Best bands we played with for first time:  Dead Dog, Hot Dolphin, The Reptilian, Wolf Blood, Chapstick, Baby Ghosts, Daikon, City Mouse, Low Culture, Dahling, The Estacada, Knights Templar

Here's some pictures to commemorate one semi-smelly month across the US, around, and back.

This place had their priories straight. 

 Arlo, The Wrathchild of Montana!




Well, wasn't that something.  It's like we never, all the places that we left, before going to more and then leaving them....   Yeah!

So, it's now summer and what the hell does that mean for us.

WE'RE WORKING ON OUR THIRD LP!    We plan to hit the studio in late August to commit this one to tape.  Looking like an 11 song record that's scheduled to come out on Don Giovanni Records hopefully by the end of the year.  More info will be spreading slowly.

That's about it for now.  We'll be in the NJ area for a bit, woodshedding this recording.  If you're visiting the area, hit us up and say 'SUP!

Take it easy. 

Also, if you missed it, our video for "Frozen Firecracker" came out last month.  You can watch it below.


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Where is Fook Hing restaurant? Sounds like a beautiful place.


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super badass ball!

clay said...

super badass ball roolz!

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that dog picture made me smile.

and what a fucking catcus...

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