Wednesday, November 16, 2011

We Will Run in the 2012 Election

.... Just kidding. 3 people can not run under the same ballot, to in fact, become the same president. It does now work this way folks.

We are however, working on some BIG (fuc*ing) plans for 2012 (fucking) 12. That's twice the 12's, man. You can't go wrong.

But first, let's see where we're at. We're still working on filling a couple of holes for our Nov/Dec tour. Here's the places we'll be!

11/26- Providence, RI

11/27- Bethpage, NY

11/29- New Hope, PA

11/30- Queens, NY

12/2- Baltimore, MD

12/3- Asheville, NC

12/4- Nashville, TN

12/5- Alabama!/South Carolina/ Georgia/south (HELP!!!!!)

12/6- Tallahassee, FL

12/7- Gainesville, FL

12/8- Atlanta, GA

12/9- Durham, NC

12/10- somewhere in VA (HELP!, please, maybe)

So that's about that. If you can help in any of these spot that say HELP, it would be awesome. We'll give you a free drink (beer, soda, or a bottled water of your choice. But don't waste it by choosing bottled water).

As for the upcoming events, here's how 2012's shaping up so far:

1. NEW LP recording in March or so (anyone wanna put this out? We're broke.)

2. Split LP with Black Wine on Viking on Campus Records, recorded around the same time for the same budget as above LP (we're broke).

3. split 7'' with Snow What from Massachusetts

4. Spring tour (south) and summer tour (all over the f'in Continental map)

5. Finish planning the rest of the year.

Ok, so that's that. We are finishing up crafting a tub load of new songs in the basement, woodsheding our days away on busted guitar cables and cheap wine (not to mention holding down killer day jobs).

SO on that note. See y'all out there. If anyone needs info on a show or wants to book something/ hang out and watch a movie, email us @:


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Anonymous said...

Good luck with all your plans. I love the posters in the basement.

Summer tour with . Grlz plz! Oh shit, we gotta get a bigger car now cuz another babygurl joined the band. I'll book the tour, we'll just play in front of every Man v. Food place. Yo dude, I kinda wanna go to California. It's so rad there man.