Monday, August 8, 2011

Back from Summer Tour

Hey guys. We made it back from our trek out to the mid-west with our buddies Black Wine. In past post tour entries I've posted some semi-detailed accounts about the travels. But this was on the longer side, and too much happened to already separate the mundane from the notable and quotable. SO, here's some tour stats for you to better sum it all up.

Miles traveled: 4, 064
Total shows: 15
States played: 9
New states for brick mower: 3
Vehicle of choice: 4 door sedan, Nissan Sentra (Black Wine in super cool red mini-van with bird sticker on the back)
Broken strings during sets: 6
Broken eyeglasses during sets: 1
Cracked windshields: 1
Items lost on tour: cell phone charger, t-shirt in Chicago, underwear somewhere, a bunch of change when relaxing in a sofa, more items to be discovered MIA.
Shows canceled: 1 (Appleton, WI)
State with most shows played: Ohio (3)
Times Eric freaked out over car keys being lost: 5
Number of times Eric felt awesome after finding said keys: 5
Times we couldn't find our camera: 1
Coolest dude who found our camera: Luke from Grist Mill
Places that we ate at named Melt: 2
Best food: Melt- Lakewood, Ohio
Times Eric ordered the exact same thing as J. Nixon: 2 (embarrassing, but crucial)
Freakouts over possibly running out of gas: 2
Number of dumb, but kind of awesome roadside pictures taken next to statues: between 7 and 94
Shortest drive: Elgin, IL to Chicago
Longest, coolest drive: Chicago to Duluth
Longest, uncoolest drive: Milwaukee to Cincinnati
Cool cats met on tour: 7,020+
Mean cats: 0
Blind dogs: 1
Crazy, fun dogs: 4
Number of BBQ/hot sauces obtained by Brick Mower and Black Wine: 6 (I think)
Smelliest day in the car: Last day of tour. WOOF!

Thank you again to our friends in Black Wine for lending us some gear, helping us out, and being all around great people. Can't imagine hanging out with any other 3 nuts who love to eat awesome food and are as willing to do it as much and as often as we do. And thank you to all the people we met on the road who put us up, helped out with the shows, picked up some stuff from us, and gave us free food. Now, time to shower.

Photos coming shortly!

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